Overwhelmed by Information? Embrace the Power of Unlearning

Do you ever feel like you’re carrying too many thoughts in your head?

Your brain gets spiked with dopamine every time it experiences something novel through any of your 5 senses but when is too much? If you experience stress or frustration from looking at screens, or you get anxious about what reactions your posts will get, that’s it.

These days, everything’s within reach with a click of a button and there are experts and masters popping up on every corner, selling you knowledge for the right price. Don’t you know enough for the time being? Could it be, that your mind is so overloaded with so-called knowledge that it’s getting in the way of living and learning how to hear yourself?

For a brief moment, think about your dream life. Now, ask yourself, what is stopping you from living that? The reasons you come up with, where did they come from, did you learn them somewhere, or were they divinely imbued into you when your soul united with your body at birth? You likely learned them. I’m not saying, what you fear is not valid, instead that you may do well to practice unlearning.


So, you’ve decided you want to learn to unlearn what doesn’t serve you. So where do you start? What do you want to unlearn?

Put short, there’s no quick fix. You can go to a hypnotist, at best to distract your conscious mind from noticing it, but any undigested baggage will be there, like a landmine, waiting to detonate. What are the alternatives?

Unlearning can happen when you relax your conscious mind from absorbing inputs in the form of thoughts that aren’t your own. When you meditate, for example, you practice unplugging from external stimuli and you observe yourself without any thoughts. But you don’t have to sit in lotus pose and close your eyes to practice. Any activity in which you enter a flow state, where time melts and your mind is busied through intuition creating and expressing in the here and now, can be your practice.

The difficulty with selling you unlearning is that we’re all unique beings with our unique passions, whether we know what they are, or haven’t yet discovered them.

You can see unlearning as an bus floating down your road of life. All along the way up until now, other people bombarded you with their beliefs from left and right, and your bus filled up with doubts. To unlearn is to learn to close your eyes, ears, and senses to what’s happening around you, see your own path, hear your own voice, and feel what comes from inside. Follow the feeling back, back until you return to where you were before your surroundings formed you in their image.

It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s the practice of filtering what comes in so your mind has less to prune when you sleep. The more you practice, the more you shed what doesn’t serve you, and the clearer you can see where it is you want to go in life.

So go out and play. If you don’t know what to do to get into creative flow, your childhood holds clues. Remember what you enjoyed then, maybe climbing trees, doodling stick figures, or playing make-believe. Seek out adult versions for all the activities you enjoyed then.

Through coaching and hypnosis, we can explore your childhood. Reach out to learn more.

Marius Miliunas

Successful ex-burnout and now full-time life-enthusiast, I am Marius. In my old life I was a web developer in the States, selling my potential to earn big bucks, while destined for an early grave. All of that changed, when I got out to attempt to build my own startup. That company's failure was a blessing...