Are You Rich?

Are you rich, I ask? Can you answer that factually? Could you prove that or the opposite? To be factually correct, no, you cannot. Neither you nor anyone else can prove that. It’s a subjective question, meaning it depends on perspective. Where you’re standing, whether in front of the window or outside the window will give two completely different views on a situation and the world is whole with bodies huddled in, around, below, above, near, and far from all sides of the window, seeing from their own unique perspective. That’s the beauty of our mind, that we can change our view on things in life if we dig down deep into our beliefs and requestion them. Like a diver plunging underwater to ensure the foundations of a fortress aren’t eroding. Our foundations are our beliefs. Furthermore, our core foundations are the base upon which we build all our other beliefs. Hardships arise when such a belief clashes with reality. If a foundational belief is compromised, so is everything that stands on it, like the wind that shakes a skyscraper, built on troubled grounds.

The outcome is never just the consequence of what caused it, but what came before that, and the thing before that… until you reach the source, which was a consequence of the thing before that. Everything is enmeshed in a never ending domino-effect and we are here trying to make sense of things by putting down a narrative of why it is so. This is why I’m rich or not. Narratives are nothing more than perspectives, which are nothing more than temporary tools that either a fearful subconscious crafts to protect the ego, or consciously sought out as instruments for growth and harmony. If you could see your situation from a thousand views, you would see there are advantages to having many vantages versus a fixed one. Opportunities flow where avenues are open, and riches abound to those who can see them.

Marius Miliunas

Successful ex-burnout and now full-time life-enthusiast, I am Marius. In my old life I was a web developer in the States, selling my potential to earn big bucks, while destined for an early grave. All of that changed, when I got out to attempt to build my own startup. That company's failure was a blessing...